Newmarket pizza shop owner gives thanks with free dinner

Friends, family and strangers alike are invited to share a free meal with Newmarket business owner Jeremy Adams during this year’s Thanksgiving holiday.


Adams’ family hails from the Seacoast, and Adams said he learned the value of giving back from his parents. He began coordinating the annual feast to cherish that ideal three years ago, after becoming a business owner in downtown Newmarket.

“As soon as I became financially able and socially able, I wanted to do it,” he said.


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Doors will be open to the public for a traditional holiday feast at 1pm and our famous donations raffle at 3pm!

All made possible by the many friends and family of Jeremy’s Pizzeria.

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To anyone asking what they can do; you are more than welcome to contact your local businesses and ask if they can help as far as raffle prizes. Last year we collected gifts/gift cards from more than 100 very generous donors! Feel free to drop off any contributions at the restaurant and we can provide the tax id number to anyone that asks.

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